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I'd be one of those whose book purging would result in a small number of books being sent or given away. But a few years ago, before moving from Calgary to Toronto, I got rid of easily half of everything I owned. I counted seven different groups or people who came to pick things up. Some things went to the Women In Need society in Calgary; three bookcases went to my brother; a dresser, lots of lamps and dishes, and my big barbecue went to the other brother. And so on. (I can't remember who got my forest's worth of plants.)

The things I own and use, for me, become an almost indelible part of my own persona and character. So it was really something, in the following months, trying to figure out who I was -- now in a completely different city, with half of my stuff missing and the other half in storage for four years.


Downsize my... my BOOKS? *hyperventilates* That- that's just... WHAT?

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