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Baseball Diva

I get summertime nostalgia for old lakeside camps, the small of the woods and the water. My summers included a lot of time on Oneida Lake where the other side was visible but distant. My cousin's cottage, a lovely place with so much of that old time feel, is not quite the same as its lake is small, the opposite shore just a holler away, and Lake Ontario is too wide. One summer when I visited another part of the family at the lakeside camp they were renting, I remember being almost overwhelmed by a sense of nostalgia for this place, a place I had never been before, but it was so similar to other lakeside camps and cottages I had known that it felt like home, a summer home.

As I replaced "window treatments" in several rooms earlier this year, I realize I went for the beachy cottage feel, gauzy whites and linen-like pale green. It's such a comforting look.

I rarely eat potato chips, but I love Cape Cod Chips!


I know EXACTLY what you mean about the little tiny beaches with shack and the old damp creaky raggedy houses. OMG.

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